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Holotropic Breathwork San Diego

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Life is absolutely dependent upon the act of breathing. "Breath is Life."
From our first breath, to the other extreme that we experience in our existence in this life, to breathe is to live, and without breath there is no life.
Holotropic Breathwork is a healing modality developed by Christina Grof and Stanislav Grof. Stanislav Grof is a world-renowned psychiatrist and was also the co-creator of the field of Transpersonal Psychology.
This work has been of value to those interested in the mystical journey of inner discovery and spiritual awareness. In the Jungian tradition, the Hero’s Journey.
In holotropic breathwork the highly trained facilitators focus on creating a safe and sacred space in which the breather will feel so supported, that they can let go and surrender to the feelings and sensations that can arise in altered states. In this state it has been reported that the psyche can activate the natural healing process known as the “inner healer” and the inner healer will guide the session. The experience will be different for each breather since the journey that each individual will experience will be self-guided therefore every participants experience will be unique. Some experiences may appear more subtle whereas others may be more actively intense. Many have expressed feeling as though they where experiencing an integration on an energetic level concerning an unresolved issue from the past.
If there is too much resistance to surrendering to the breath and letting go of the conscious mind, “left brain thinking or ego/identity mind” there is the possibly that nothing will happen. This has happened to a small percentage of people.
Many people also report that it helps them connect to a deeper feeling of meaning and purpose in their lives.
Clinical studies by James Eyerman MD.
       Some of the reported benefits and results of Holotropic Breathwork are:
  • Feeling connected to their emotions and/or what is going on in their bodies
  • Experiencing a deeper level of connection to their intuition
  • Getting unstuck
  • Perspectives on how to deal with feelings of disempowerment
  • Accessing blocked creativity
  • Supporting another by being present in the moment and not projecting your needs on them
  • A safe place to grieve
  • Good for those who have done psychedelics in the past, but now would like to enter a non-ordinary state without taking a substance
  • Feeling expansion and intrigue of the exploration of consciousness
  • Clearing blocked energy in the body. Realignment of the energy system
  • People spending too much time in their heads find the ability to spend more time in their hearts
  • Access to explore deeper mystical and or shamanic states and or archetypal realms.
  • Transformation and paradigm shifts
  • Release of physical and emotional symptoms and unproductive behavior patterns stemming from events that happened in your life that are deeply rooted from the past in the unconscious
  • Recover from trauma and PTSD.
"The Grofs offer a comprehensive vision of mental health and of human growth potential that extends the range of psychological dimensions of the perinatal, the transpersonal, the transcultural, and mystical. Their work organically incorporates the indigenous wisdom of shamanism and the natural world, the cultural and historical basis of consciousness, and the far-reaching breadth of modern physics and systems theory. On it, the personal and the universal are equally valued, the physical and the biographical, the cultural, evolutionary, and spiritual dimensions of our humanity are included"
Jack Kornfield
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